Company Founders

Bill Pietsch and Davey Thomas

Celebrating 25 years in business!

In 1998, when Bill Pietsch (left) and Davey Thomas (right) founded A3MG, Bill Clinton was President, John Glenn returned to space, Apple introduced the iMac, and Netscape Navigator was the most popular Web browser.

Bill Pietsch

Bill has been a graphic designer since 1995, when he graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County with a degree in Visual Arts. His skills range from graphic and UI/UX design, 3-D modeling and animation, to video editing. Bill has managed and provided creative direction on projects for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute which have included Web-based virtual labs for pre-college science education.
Bill’s Bio (PDF)

Davey Thomas

Davey has been a multimedia developer since 1994, when he graduated from the Unversity of Delaware with a degree in business. His skills range from interactive, web, and App programming to graphic design, music composition, and sound design. Davey has programmed educational and commercial apps, interactive websites, kiosks, and CD-ROMs. Davey has also designed scientific slides and illustrations for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Holiday Lectures on Science.
Davey’s Bio (PDF)